Ich als eingefleischte Freehanduserin bin ja kein großer Fan von Illustrator (auch wenn ich gelernt habe es zu benutzen…), aber das sollte man sich mal ansehen…

Die Titelmusik erinnert mich zwar ein wenig an Alf, aber der Rest des Videos ist wirklich unglaublich und weckt auch in Rufus Deuchler Erinnerungen:

The concept behind Illustrator 88 was so new that it needed a video tape to explain what it did and how to use it. For example, how would you have known how to use the Pen Tool, had you never seen one before? How would you have known about direction lines and anchor points? The Pen Tool is now available in most graphics applications, and we almost take it for granted.
Check out the computer he is using, and how he talks about a „scanner hooked to the Macintosh“; it’s a real treat and a lot of memories for me. This was the beginning people!

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